Travel Guide to Asbury Park

Asbury Park, NJ is being reincarnated with TLC from new people - many coming from the cities down to this beach town with so much potential. Vacation rentals by owners are just one of many new trends in a City by the Sea.

Asbury Park: New Age Resort for New People

Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ!

Asbury Park is reinventing itself. Urban pioneers arrived awhile back and renovated houses and apartments throughout the town. So now a rental in Asbury Park will more than likely have all the upscale amenities we expect from new construction.

It's no secret that Asbury Park is a gay-friendly city by the sea. Much of the restoration is being spearheaded by these city folk. The annual Gay Pride parade is just one reflection of this community trend. Bars like Paradise and Georgies Bar network the movers and shakers of this city by the sea.

Asbury Park has gained modern fame because of Bruce Springsteen, but the future of the summer shore town lies with a redevelopment project and the enthusiasm of its new pioneers.